Viewotron #1, 2018
by Sam Sharpe and Peach S. Goodrich.
Published by AdHouse Books

Viewotron is a two-person comics anthology, featuring 10 short stories by Sam Sharpe and Peach S Goodrich! Sam and Peach’s stories are inventive, humorous, and heartfelt. Sam’s tend to be more cerebral, revolving around an interesting premise: what if your friends invent a religion that catches on, or what if you were so lonely, your body shrank or expanded dependent on how a friend perceived you? Peach’s comics work more on a emotional level, one story focusing on the love and support of family and friends, and another about a misunderstood monster.

Sam and Peach have known each other since college (a portion of their college days are captured in one of their collaborative comics in the issue), and their comics style grew up together, influencing each other. Their stories compliment each other well, and their stylized cartooning is a lot of fun to read. Get ready to be delighted, and for a guffaw or two!

-Radiator Comics

Viewotron Issue Number 1, 2012
by Sam Sharpe and Peach S. Goodrich

Goodrich’s soulful The Greatest Love Affair is the feature comic of Viewotron #1. Sofi is stuck in a loveless relationship, so she falls in love with her iron. In blissful dreams, she is whisked away to romantic rendezvous. But what happens when Sofi’s human lover obliviously takes action against his enemy by renovating their kitchen?

Sam Sharpe’s humorous comics offset Goodrich’s melancholy well, with three ridiculous and border-line offensive stories. Each comic starts with a silly nugget of an idea -What if you looked like every dead celebrity ever? What does a hollywood executive do when the only unlicensed superheroes left are terribly racist World War II characters? Does god hate his day job as much as the rest of us?- which snowballs into a gut-buster.

Laugh, cry, run away with your toaster.

-Radiator Comics